Music and Missions

PRESCHOOL - 12TH GRADE   Evening Schedule   5:30-6:00 Family Dinner 6:05-7:20 Preschoolers-MusicMissions 6:05-6:30 Evensong Worship, Sanctuary 6:05-6:40 1st-12th Grades-Missions 6:30-7:20 Women's Bible Study 6:45-7:20   1st-12th Grades-Music   Dinner Schedule 1st Wed - Fish Sticks, Tater Tots and Fruit; 2nd Wed - Taco Salad, Fruit; 3rd Wed - Pizza, Celery/Carrot Sticks; 4th Wed - Chicken Tenders, Mac'n Cheese, Carrot Sticks; 5th Wed - M & M Mystery Meal