Well, I know you all have been waiting. While there are still questions to answer, I am pleased to say, we are optimistically announcing that we will have a season this year. We are so looking forward to doing just that! We will provide details on facility usage and what rules we will need to follow coming soon. We will default to the Orange County Schools on all policies, so that may mean things will be a little different than in past seasons.

But I do have one exciting update! We will be moving to completely online registration. We will still do in-person evaluations but you will be able to register your child and pay registration by credit card all online. You can still pay in cash or by check at Evaluations.

One last thing! We always need lots of volunteers to make everything happen. If Upward basketball is as important to you all it is to me, please consider volunteering. You will be able to note this at Registration.

Click here to register!

Key dates:

Registration starts:

Evaluation #1:

Evaluation #2:

Evaluation #3:

First Practice:

First Game:

End of Season Celebration:

Please be in prayer that all of this goes as the schedule lays out. We have many hurdles to jump and many hands needed to accomplish all of this. Please pray that God provides the opportunity to make this all work.